Still hot is Tonsonic’s easter giveaway Tronto VCO. If you like moog sounds and own the full version of Kontakt 5, you simply must check out this great instrument.

Tronto VCO by Tronsonic

Tronto VCO by Tronsonic

VCO is based on phase aligned waveforms of a 1972 minimoog. Like all the sample based instruments from Tronsonic, the waveforms were recorded through vintage gear. And vintage at Tronsonic does mean VINTAGE. In this case 50 year old tube preamps.

Taking full advantage of Kontakts filters, modulation and sound shaping possibilities, the VCO is a super versatile synth, capable of a huge variety of sounds. The 200 presets are a good starting point for tweaking your own.

The overall sound is warm and fat, like one would expect from an instrument based on moog samples.

You can (and should) download the Tronto VCO for free via the KVR forum.

Go to Tronsonic’s site to check out their full product line.

Check out the sound of the VCO.

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