I added some drum machine sample packs to the link collection. I found them all in a gearslutz-thread and will add more in the next days.

The first two are free sample packs of the LinnDrum LM2:

  • LinnDrum LM2 by space2012. 41 samples from the LinnDrum LM2.

    Download the LM2 samples by space2012 here.

  • LinnDrum LM2by golden beers. Another 35 samples from the LinnDrum LM2. Note that these samples are not trimmed to the start, so you have to do that. But the sounds are good (and I love the LinnDrum sound) so I decided to add them.

    Download the LM2 samples by golden beers for free here.

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One Response to New Free LinnDrum LM2 Samples Added

  1. Ted says:

    Linn Samples

    Hey guys –
    These aren’t free (just trying to recoup the cost of creating them), but I’ve made a really extensive sample library an LM-2, an Emu SP-1200, SSL Console, Otari Tape Machine, and Apogee conversion. I’ve pitched everything in many ways, so you even have differently pitched cowbells, which the original machine didn’t offer. I love the LinnDrum, and to be honest none of the free packs I’ve used ever seemed to cut it for me.

    I actually have twice as many samples as this, I’m going to be working on them over the next couple weeks and will reupload a bigger file when they’re ready. Hope you enjoy them!

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