Your USB flash memory drive doesn’t has to be a lame piece of office hardware, like most. It may now come in shape of some of music history’s most influencial pieces of gear.

TR-808 Flash Drive

TR-808 Flash Drive

The Drum Broker offers limited edition flash drives in the shape of a TR-808, a SP-1200, a MPC 2000-XL or a NS-10. I would call that a proper way for your loved sounds and music to travel with you. They may feel much more comfortable than in an ordinary flash memory drive, like we all like to drive certain cars (and certain cars not!). They also even feel proud of their new ride;-)

As a bonus, when pre-ordering now, you get 4 of ┬áThe Drum Broker’s drum kits for free (Slapz Kit, Gems From The Crates, 300 Breaks, Grit Kit). Together the drum kits cost $29,96 USD when bought seperately.

The flash drives are sold for $39,99 USD. For a regular 16 GB storage device, I would consider this rather expensive. But as I mentioned before, there is lots of emotion, inspiration and music history in these ones! Plus you get instant inspiration from the 4 free drum kits worth 30 bucks.

I already pre-ordered a SP-1200 drive. You can pre-order yours at You should’t wait as they are limited!

Note that (for whatever reason) the bonus is not mentioned in the shop but only in their newsletter.

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