Casio SK-1

Casio SK-1 Rhythm and Tone Sample Pack [Seaweed Factory]

Casio VL-1

VL-Tone Piano [Contralogic]

Korg DS-10

Megatroid’s DS-10 Drums [Megatroid] also on the Drums (Electronic) page

Lighters & Matches

Lighter Glitch [Sasja]

Mattel Synsonics

Mattel Synsonics [Francis Prève] also on the Lo-Fi / Glitch / Toy page

Music Box

DIY Music Box [Bolder Sounds]
Music Box [Bolder Sounds]
Music Boxes [Soniccouture]


256 NES Samples [Contralogic] also on the Sound FX page

Roland TR-505

Circuit Bend TR-505 [SignalToNoise] Can also be found on the Drums (Electronic) page.

Texas Instruments Speak & Spell

Speak & Spell [Hollow Sun]
Speak & Spell [Soniccouture]

Toy Pianos

Baby Piano [Les Productions Zvon]
Pink Piano Free [Audio Geek Zine]
Red Grand [Precisionsound]
The Mini Keys
  [Bad Cat Media Group]
Toy Piano [Bolder Sounds]
Zvenigorod [Dargalon Instruments Studio]

Yamaha PSS-560

Yamaha PSS-560 Percussion Samples [Contralogic]


Atmoraffe [Embertone] Kontakt 4.2 required for mappings
Casio CA100 Sound Library
 [Illuminated Sounds]
Casio CA100 Sound Library 2
 [Illuminated Sounds]
Circuit Bent Duck [Little-Scale]
Glitched out Farfisa Professional 1 samples [Illuminated Sounds]
Glitch Kit One [SignalToNoise]
James’ Circuit Bent Library  [Illuminated Sounds]
The Bleep Drums [Tonebytes]