Akai MPC60

MPC60 Free [Goldbaby]

Anyware Instruments Tinysizer
Tinydrums [Anyware Instruments]
Boss Dr Rhythm DR-55

Boss Dr Rhythm DR-55 [Dubsounds]

Boss Dr Rhythm DR-550 MKII

DR-550 MKII [Derp]

Casio VL-1

Casio VL-1 [Dubsounds]

Cheetah MD16

Cheetah MD16 [Goldbaby]

Electro-Harmonix Rhythm 12

Electro-Harmonix Rhythm 12 [Dubsounds]

E-mu SP 1200

XmasGift 2010 [Goldbaby]

Future Retro XS

FRXS Drums [Tonebuilder]
XS Drums

Jomox AIR Base 99

Club Kicks 2 [Wave Alchemy]

Jomox MBase 01

JomoxMBase01 [Derp]
Rekkerd Analog Kick Pack
SP1200 vs MBase1

Jomox MBase 11

Club Kicks [Wave Alchemy]

Jomox XBase09

Jomox XBase09 [space2012]
Jomox XBase-09 Full Set [Tape Death]
Jomox XBase-09 Kicks [Tape Death]

Korg DS-10

Megatroid’s DS-10 Drums [Megatroid] also  on the Lo-Fi / Glitch / Toy page

Korg KPR-77

Tape KPR-77 [Wave Alchemy]

Korg MR-16

Tape MR-16 [Goldbaby]

Linn Electronics LinnDrum

DMDSB 2Kits [Tonebuilder] also includes a Oberheim DMX Kit
LinnDrum LM-2 Free Kit [Samples From Mars]
LinnDrum LM2 [golden beers]
LinnDrum LM2 [space2012]
LinnDrum original bass and snare 

Maestro Rhythm King MRK-2

Maestro Rhythm King MRK-2 [SignalToNoise]

Mattel Synsonics

Mattel Synsonics [Francis Prève] also on the Lo-Fi / Glitch / Toy page


MFB 522 [Derp]

MFB Kraftzwerg

Kraftzwerg Drums [Derp] MFB Kraftzwerg recorded hot through an overdriven MPC (Derp doesn’t mention which MPC)

Moog Minimoog Voyager RME

Moog Drum One [SignalToNoise]
Moog Drum Two [SignalToNoise]

Oberheim DMX

DMDSB 2Kits [Tonebuilder] also includes a LinnDrum Kit
Oberheim DMX

Oberheim DX

Oberheim DX Kicks & Snares [tun]

Roger Linn Design/Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

Tempest vs Akai MPC60 [Boxed Ear]

Roland Computrhythm CR-78

Roland CompuRhythm CR-78 [Boxed Ear]

Roland MC-09 Phrase Lab

Roland MC-09 [Derp]

Roland MC-808

MC-808 [dbox samples]

Roland TR-505

Circuit Bent TR-505 [SignalToNoise]
Roland TR-505 Samples Pack
[Progsounds] also on the Lo-Fi / Glitch / Toy page

Roland TR-66

The Tape TR-66 [Goldbaby]

Roland TR-606

606 Drums [Wave Alchemy]
DMX-606 [Goldbaby]
TR-606 Sample Pack
[Illuminated Sound]

Roland TR-626

TR-626 Sound Library [Illuminated Sound]

Roland TR-707

Roland TR-707 Samples Pack [Progsounds]

Roland TR-808

808 Drums Free Demo Kit [Sounds in HD]
808 Tape
[Wave Alchemy]
Roland TR-808 Sample Pack [Trash Audio]
TR808WAV [Michael Fischer & Hyperreal]
Ultimate 808 Drumkit [TheSample]

Roland TR-909

Full Metal TR-909 [Analog Industries]
Round Robin TR-909 Samples [CL516]

Roland TR-808/909

AKA809 Drum Sample Set [SingnalToNoise]

Sound Master Rhythm 1 – SM-8

Sound Master Rhythm 1 – SM-8 [Dubsounds]

Sound Master Memory Rhythm SR-88

Sound Master Memory Rhythm SR-88 [Dubsounds]

Synthesizer.com Modular


Technics PCM SY-DP50

TapeDP50 [Goldbaby]

Vermona DRM

DRM Drums [Wave Alchemy]

Waldorf Blofeld

Bolfeld Drums [Goldbaby]

Wurlitzer Side Man

Wurlitzer Side Man [Goldbaby]


Analog Bass Drums [Six Bit Deep]
Analog Snares & Claps
[Six Bit Deep]
Bitkits [Uppercussion]
Cinematic Synthetic Drums [Impact Soundworks]
DMD-Free [Tonebuilder]
Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back bpb-edition [Tonebuilder]
Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back Demo [Tonebuilder]
Drum Tools Teaser  [Wave Alchemy]
High Impact Free Demo Drum Kit [Sounds in HD]
High Impact 2 Free Demo Drum Kit [Sounds in HD]
Industry Standard Drums Demo [Producers Choice]
Modulok [WaveShaper]
Paperskin Snares Toolkit Free Samples [Wave Alchemy]
Premium Drumz Demo Pack [BHK Samples]
SHD Free Drums [Sounds in HD]
Snare Samples Pack 1 [Audio Animals] Free download via Audio Animals Facebook page
Synth Drums Taster [Wave Alchemy]
Wired Electronics [Wave Alchemy]