Brooklyn based producers Samples From Mars have released a pack of free LinnDrum Samples as a teaser to their full LinnDrum Samples Library. The free samples pack contains 19 samples of the LinnDrum LM-2 in 24 Bits, 44.1 kHz wav format.

LinnDrum LM-2

LinnDrum LM-2

The recording chain to create the sample pack includes such classic gear as an E-MU SP-1200, an SSL console, 1/4″ master tape and Apogee converters.

If you like your drum sounds gritty and warm, this one’s for you. For only $14 you can (and should) download the full LinnDrum Sample Library with more than 600 samples of this classic drum machine. You won’t get higher quality and quantity for such a low price anywhere else on the net.

Download 19 LinnDrum samples for free.
Get more infos on the full LinnDrum Samples Library.

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